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Terms of Use

Users of the Pawpark must agree to the following terms of use, you will be asked to confirm when booking. 

- Do not enter the Pawpark if it is in use by someone else.

- Leave the Pawpark in a clean and tidy condition.

- Dogs using the Pawpark must be supervised at all times.

- Pick up all dog poo, if you find a dog poo left from a previous user please pick it up and dispose of in the bin provided.

- Each session lasts 50 minutes, with 10 additional minutes for tidying and vacating the Pawpark. If you arrive early you must wait in your car with your dog whilst the previous user vacates the Pawpark before you enter.

- Your dog must fully vaccinated or titer tested and be regularly treated for worm protection. Kennel cough vaccine is advised. If titer testing leptospirosis vaccine is also required. You may be asked to bring proof of vaccination with you to your slot, pre-warning will be given. While we ask that all dogs using the Pawpark dogs are fully vaccinated and wormed we cannot guarantee the facility is pest and infection free and you use the Pawpark at your own risk.

- Female dogs in season should not be brought to the Pawpark.

- If your dog has experienced vomiting or diarrhoea in the past 5 days please do not bring them to the Pawpark.

- If you are using the Pawpark as part of your own business (dog walker, trainer etc.) you must have your own liability insurance and be able to provide proof of this on request.

- Only dogs are permitted to use the play equipment in the Pawpark.

- It is your responsibility to ensure that your dog (s) remain within the fenced area of the Pawpark. 

- The safety of your dog (s) is your responsibility and we accept no liability for any injuries or illness caused from use of the Pawpark.

- The Pawpark accepts no responsibility or liability for accidents or injury to persons or animals whilst using the facility either inside or outside the fenced area. Some areas of the Pawpark are uneven, dogs may have dug holes and conditions may be slippy and muddy. You are advised to use caution and remain aware of your surroundings when using the Pawpark.

- No driving on the grass within the park.

- Do not leave anything at the Parpark e.g. toys, treats etc.

- No smoking in the Pawpark or surrounding area.

- If you are sharing a slot with someone else it is the person who made the booking's responsibility to ensure that everyone in attendance has read and agreed to the Terms of Use.

- We reserve the right to cancel bookings at short notice if weather conditions are deemed to make the Pawpark unsafe. You will be given the option to re-schedule. 

- We do not offer refunds for cancelled bookings however we are happy to re-schedule bookings with at least 24 hours notice. 

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